Hi, I'm Adam Rule

I am a postdoctoral scholar with Michelle Hribar and Michael Chiang in the Department of Medical Informatics and Clinical Epidemiology at Oregon Health and Science University. I received my PhD in Cognitive Science from UC San Diego where I worked with Jim Hollan in the Design Lab. Starting Fall 2021 I will be an assistant professor in the Information School at the University of Wisconsin-Madison!

I study and develop technologies that help people document, share, and collaboratively perform data-driven work. I am especially excited about the potential of computational notebooks, electronic health records, reproducible research, information visualization, and apple fritters.

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Oct 7, 2020

Excited to be on a panel at AMIA this year discussing how audit logs can reveal clincal workflows and outcomes. See you there!

jan 16, 2020

Happy to announce our paper on how clinicians use programming to write their notes was accepted to CHI 2020. See you in Honolulu online!

dec 5, 2019

Our article summarizing just how much text in clinical notes comes from templates and copy-paste is now online!

oct 16, 2019

Our systematic review of literature using EHR audit logs to study clinical activities was just accepted to JAMIA. Be sure to attend the panel on EHR Log research if you are attending AMIA this year.

sept 27, 2019

The folks at Jupyter and AWS just replicated and extended my 2017 analysis of Jupyter Notebooks on Github, now with 4M notebooks! Great new insights on data science workflows and API usage.

jul 25, 2019

Best practices for using Jupyter Notebooks developed with a great team of collaborators published in PLoS Computational Biology


Apr 26-30 - CHI 2020, Honolulu
Jun 22-24 - NLM, Virtual
Oct 19-21 - CSCW 2020, Virtual
Nov 15-18 - AMIA 2020, Virtual


Use of Computational Notebooks

A large-scale and reproducible analysis of data science documentation and workflows spanning 1.25 million Jupyter Notebooks.
CHI'18 · Talk · Post · Dataset · Code

Data Science Best Practices

Developing best practices for writing and sharing analyses in Jupyter Notebooks, in collaboration with leading data science educators and researchers.
PLoS Comp Bio'19

Janus: Supporting Collaborative Data Science

Supporting collaborative analyses through lightweight annotation and organization of Jupyter Notebooks.
CSCW'18 · Post · Study Materials · Code

Use of Clinical Note Templates

A large-scale analysis of how providers used note templates to document 200,000+ patient visits.
CHI'20 · Talk · Ophth'20 · AJO'20

ActiveNotes: Clinical Notes with Inline Orders

Supporting more fluid clinical documentation by letting providers place orders in their notes.

Using Audit Logs to Observe Clinical Workflows

Survey of literature using Electronic Health Record audit logs to observe clinical workflows at scale.

Selected Publications [Google Scholar]

Metrics for assessing physician activity using electronic health record log data. [journal]
Christine A Sinsky, Adam Rule, Genna Cohen, Brian G Arndt, Tait D Shanafelt, Christopher D Sharp, Sally L Baxter, Ming Tai-Seale, Sherry Yan, You Chen, Julia Adler-Milstein, Michelle Hribar JAMIA 2020

Clinical Documentation as End-User Programming. [conf] · [pdf]
Adam Rule, Isaac H. Goldstein, Michael F. Chiang, Michelle R. Hribar. CHI 2020

Using Electronic Health Record Audit Logs to Study Clinical Activity: A Systematic Review of Aims, Measures, and Methods. [journal] · [preprint]
Adam Rule, Michelle Hribar, Michael Chiang. JAMIA 2020

Ten Simple Rules for Writing and Sharing Computational Analyses in Jupyter Notebooks. [journal] · [pdf]
Adam Rule, Amanda Birmingham, Cristal Zuniga, Ilkay Altintas, Shih-Cheng Huang, Rob Knight, Niema Moshiri, Mai H. Nguyen, Sara Brin Rosenthal, Fernando PĂ©rez, Peter W. Rose. PLoS Computational Biology 2019

Aiding Collaborative Reuse of Computational Notebooks with Annotated Cell Folding. [journal] · [pdf]
Adam Rule, Ian Drosos, Aurélien Tabard, Jim Hollan. PACM HCI (CSCW) 2018

Exploration and Explanation in Computational Notebooks. [conf] · [pdf] · [dissertation]
Adam Rule, Aurélien Tabard, Jim Hollan. CHI 2018 - Honorable Mention (top 5% of submissions)

Using Visual Histories to Reconstruct the Mental Context of Suspended Activities. [journal] · [pdf]
Adam Rule, Aurélien Tabard, Jim Hollan. Human-Computer Interaction 2017

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