Clinical Documentation

Clinicians increasingly use Electronic Health Records (EHRs) to document patient care. There is growning concern that EHRs are difficult to use and, with current legistlation, encourage poor documentation practice by making it easy to write long notes full of imported or copied text. We are currently studying how clinicians write and review clinical documentation and the qualities of the documentation they produce.

Papers: AMIA'15, Ophth'19

Computational Notebooks

Data analysts increasing use computational notebooks like Jupyter Notebooks to track their work and share it with others. In this research we are studying how analysts craft computational narratives (i.e., rich combinations of code, results, and text) in these notebooks and what hinders them from doing so. We have developed several extensions to Jupyter Notebook that make it easier to track and share analytical process.

Papers: CHI'18, CSCW'18, PLoSCompBio'19

past projects

Activity Resumption

Interruptions - by colleagues, computer alerts, and even self interruption - are a staple of knowledge work. They keep us up to date with relevant information and help us prioritize tasks. However, they can also make us forget what we were doing. Images have been shown to evoke rich episodic memory about past events, bringing to mind not only what was happening, but also why and how it was occuring. We studied how people resume interrupted work and crafted visualizations of past computer activity to help them recall the mental context of their interrupted work activities. You can find more information on the project website.

Papers: HCI'17, CogSci'15

Robot Teams

There are many situations were we may want to control and coordinate teams of robots (e.g., search and rescue) but little guidance on how to design interfaces that help controlers work with more than one robot at a time. In this study we interviewed controlers of robot teams and produced a set of guidelines for interfaces designed to support multi-robot control.

Papers: HRI'12