Adam Rule

Research Themes

computational narrative, interruption & multi-tasking, distributed cognition, information visualization, health information technology


2018 (exp.)

University of California, San Diego
PhD Cognitive Science


University of Washingon
MS Human Centered Design & Engineering


University of Illinois
BS Industrial Engineering - Highest Honors




Using Visual Histories to Reconstruct the Mental Context of Suspended Activities
Adam Rule, Aurelien Tabard, Jim Hollan
Human-Computer Interaction 2017


[c4] - Honorable Mention (top 5% of submissions)

Exploration and Explanation in Computational Notebooks.
Adam Rule, Aurélien Tabard, Jim Hollan
CHI 2018


Validating free-text order entry for a note-centric EHR.
Adam Rule, Steven Rick, Michael Chiu, Phillip Rios, Shazia Ashfaq, Alan Calvitti, Wesley Chan, Nadir Weibel, Zia Agha
AMIA 2015


Restoring the Context of Interrupted Work with Desktop Thumbnails.
Adam Rule, Aurelien Tabard, Karen Boyd and Jim Hollan
Cog Sci 2015

[c1] - Honorable Mention (top 5% of submissions)



Traces: A Flexible, Open-Source Activity Tracker for Workplace Studies
Adam Rule, Aurelien Tabard, Jim Hollan
CSCW 2016




Design Thinking in Radiation Oncology
Adam Rule, Erin Gillespie, Nadir Weibel, Todd Pawlicki
HFES Healthcare 2016


Thinking in 4D: Preserving and Sharing Mental Context Across Time
Adam Rule, Aurelien Tabard, Jim Hollan
CSCW 2016


Human Values in Tracking and Sharing Computer-Mediated Activity at Work
Karen Boyd, Adam Rule, Aurelien Tabard, Jim Hollan
CSCW 2016



National Library of Medicine Training Grant - 3 years tuition & stipend


Microsoft Design Expo - Best Presentation


University of Illinois Bronze Tablet - Top 3% GPA


IESE Departmental Awards - Outstanding IE Junior


Winter 2017

Teaching Assistant - DSGN 1 - Design of Everyday Things

Winter 2016

Teaching Assistant - COGS 120 - HCI Design - Outstanding Teaching Award

Winter 2015

Teaching Assistant - COGS 102b - Cognitive Ethnography

Spring 2014

Teaching Assistant - COGS 102c - Cognitive Design Studio


Undergraduate Students

Kendall Youngstrom - Now at Google
Ram Dixit - Now PhD a student in Biomedical Informatics at UT Houston
Karen Boyd - Now a PhD student at UMD's iSchool
Nathan Hassanzadeh
Regina Cheng



CHI 2016
AMIA 2015 - 2016


Summer 2012

Design Intern - Tested usability of shopping interfaces with customers. Tested information architecture with remote online study.

Summer 2012

Technology Solutions Intern - Evaluated usability of inventory software for medical equipment in resource-constrained environments. Created interactive data visualizations for the same tool.

Summer 2011

Carnegie Mellon University
User Research Intern - Conducted contextual inquiries with robot team controllers. Crafted design guidelines for interfaces that control robot teams.

Summer 2010

Intel Research
User Research Intern - Conducted ethnographic study of a young man's experience with quadriplegia. Designed interactions with assistive robot.