Hi, I'm Adam Rule

I am a postdoctoral scholar with the Casey Eye Institute at Oregon Health and Science University where I study the design and use of electronic health records. I recieved my PhD in Cognitive Science from UC San Diego where I worked with the Design Lab to study how academic researchers use Jupyter Notebooks to track and share their work.

I study and develop technologies that help people document and share data-driven work. I get particularly excited about electronic health records, interruptions, information visualization, and computational notebooks. You can reach me at rulea@ohsu.edu.


jul 25, 2019

Check out the Ten simple rules for writing and sharing computational analyses in Jupyter Notebooks I helped develop with a great team of collaborators.

jun 14, 2019

Our case report on redundancy in clinical documentation was just accepted to Ophthalmology.

aug 8, 2018

Our paper on code-folding in Jupyter Notebooks, was just accepted to CSCW. See you in Jersey City in November! The extension used for the study is on GitHub.

jun 6, 2018

I sucessfully defended my PhD dissertation, Design and Use of Computational Notebooks! Thank you to everyone who came and to Jim, Rob, Philip, Gloria, Brad and Bill for being such a wonderful committee.

mar 23, 2018

The 1 million+ Jupyter Notebooks we scraped from GitHub for our CHI 2018 paper are now available for you to explore. Check out this post on the Jupyter Blog to learn more.